Fresh Local Ingredients

Local Farmers and Suppliers

We source our fresh produce and ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. This is great for the local economy, ensures higher quality ingredients and allows us to incorporate delicious seasonal produce into the development of our recipes.

Farmer in field

Fresher Produce

By sourcing our ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, the time from farm to plate is greatly reduced. This means that the ingredients we use for your meals are fresher and retain much more nutritional density. 


Fewer Food Miles

Because we work with local farmers and suppliers, our ingredients have travelled fewer food miles before they arrive to our kitchen. This means that your meals have less greenhouse gas emissions per serving, which is great news for the environment.


Sustainable Farming Practices

One of the great things about enjoying a plant-based diet is that the ethics of animal husbandry are removed from the equation. Farming plant-based ingredients is also far more sustainable than animal farming, due to the significantly increased calorie production per square metre of land farmed, and greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


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