Doing Right by the Environment is in Our DNA

At PlantPrep we genuinely care about the environment and the impact that our daily choices can have.

By choosing to enjoy a plant-based diet, you are already doing wonders for the environment, and we thank you for that! We’re constantly striving to ensure that our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. We only use packaging were absolutely necessary for food safety and quality preservation.

We hope that this information helps you to understand why we use the packaging we use, and how to best re-use or recycle everything. We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on how we can continue to improve the sustainability of our packaging.

Meal Tray and Lidding Film

Our meal trays are a special CPET material that are made from at least 80% recycled PET (meaning far less virgin materials are needed to make our trays) and are 100% recyclable. Put them straight into your kerbside recycling bin.

One key difference between our trays and the standard black CPET tray seen throughout Australia is that our trays are not black. This is crucial to recyclability and sustainability. Even though black CPET trays are technically recyclable, the technology used in Australian recycling plants struggles to detect black trays. As such, black trays usually just pass straight through the recycling plant into landfill. This is far from ideal and clearly defeats the purpose of a recyclable material!

Our meal trays come in various colours. The colour depends on the overall colour of the materials in the recycling plant on the day the trays were produced. We think that’s pretty cool. So, one week your meals might be served in a green tray and the following week it might be a blue tray. Either way, we promise you that your meal tray is genuinely 100% recyclable. It’s very possible that your tray will actually be turned back into another meal tray! 

The lidding film that is necessary to seal your meal for freshness and food safety is a soft plastic and can be recycled through the REDcycle program at your local supermarket.

Cardboard Box

Our cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable. Our boxes are also great to keep and re-use, so keep that in mind! Once you’ve finished with it, simple squash it and put it straight into your kerbside recycling bin.

Thermal Liners

We offer two options for the thermal liners that line the cardboard box to keep your goodies fresh and cool.

The standard liner is made of a PE laminated bubble liner which is 100% recyclable through the REDcycle program at your local supermarket.

However, to keep things as environmentally friendly as possible, we also offer a thermal liner kit that is made from 100% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable in your kerbside recycling bin. You can choose this option at checkout for a few extra dollars. 

Ice Packs

Our ice packs are filled with a non-toxic water-based salt solution and sealed inside a strong durable pouch.

We encourage you to keep the ice packs for re-use because the gel formula stays much colder for longer than standard ice blocks and will save you spending money on a new ice block for your esky or cooler bag. You can also store the ice packs in ambient temperature if your freezer is full.  However, if you would like to dispose of and recycle your ice pack you can put the gel in your general waste or down the drain and recyclable the outer pouch through the REDcycle program at your local supermarket. 

Paper Bags

If you order from our meal kits, your ingredients for each recipe will be placed into a paper bag. These bags are 100% recyclable, so once you’ve finished with it, just put it straight in your kerbside recycling bin.

Ingredients Packaging

We only use plastic packaging where absolutely necessary for food safety and quality preservation.

Where possible, we use hard plastic containers instead of soft plastic sachets. This is actually far more expensive for us, but it is better for the environment because the hard-plastic containers that we use are 100% recyclable in your kerbside recycling bins. If we do ever use soft plastic sachets, these can be recycled through the REDcycle program at your local supermarket.

Please watch this space as we have an exciting announcement to make about our ingredients packaging in the coming months, which will make us the industry leader!

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